In Jan 1, 2012 Tomahok brought together 21 well known Mc's from all over Greece releasing " To trenaki tou tromou".

The track was produced by Phaser and featured Zoren, Stef, Slogan, Stigma Neollaios, Anapantexos, Masti, Telonios, Kanonas, Pero, Supreme, Constantine the G, Xarmanis, 12os Pithikos, Hatemost, Xino, Emor, Eisvoleas, Elephant Phinix, Tari White, Rmado, and JK1.This was the last track from "The weekly tracks", every week on Monday Tomahok uploaded a new TMHK collective track for 14 consistent weeks. These tracks are available in a playlist on the Tomahok official YouTube channel here.

This was a historical track for Greek Hip Hop that showed unity and the diversity of styles. At the time it could of made the Guinness World Records if there was a video version of it with the actual 21 Mc's rapping together. Enjoy this historical track.

tmhk united archive

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