Tomahok DNA

Tomahok a.k.a. TMHK was born out of necessity (est. 2010), at a time where the Greek hip hop scene needed to become one - with a strong sense of realness. A unifying project serving as a voice of authenticity, representing the underground movement while praising emerging artists.
Its first introduction manifested as a record label, showcasing a very impressive number of members - rappers, producers, dj's and street artists.
TMHK was born.

During the years its DNA has transformed and evolved, the TMHK camp regrouped in North America as a new chapter was upon the horizon. Tomahok put the record label project to sleep, rather focusing on creating a brand celebrating streetwear culture. It’s objective is to reach a global audience, breaking international borders, rubbing elbows with the best of the best.

True to its roots, many of its products are embraced by pioneers, proving once again the deep cultural roots beyond the realm of street culture.

Tomahok core relies on  - Heritage, Rhetoric, Philosophy, and Aesthetics. 

It's mission is to maintain premium quality clothing featuring limited edition collections with hard to get items and surprise drops.

Welcome to TMHK.